Smiths Medical, a leader in global medical device manufacturing, is today with the Chief Biomedical Research and Development Authority (BARDA), part of the American Office of Health and Human Services and the Department of Defense Engagement Program-Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Defense Management (JPEO-CBRND). announced its strategic public-private partnership.

As part of the partnership, which started to support the government in the COVID-19 vaccination process, integrated hypodermic needles and syringes are produced at Smiths Medical campus in Keene, New Hampshire.

Smiths Medical received a request from its authorized distributor, Marathon Medical, to manufacture, and will work on 78.6 million syringes and needle units under the BARDA IDIQ agreement. In addition, BARDA, in collaboration with JPEO-CBRND, has invested in a manufacturing operation in Keene, New Hampshire, with Smiths Medical providing an additional budget of $20 million to $38 million as a forward-looking project. This partnership will increase Smiths Medical’s needle production capacity to 125 million units per year. The federal government aims to achieve this expanded capacity as a priority, particularly in terms of COVID-19, flu vaccines, and immunization efforts for future pandemics.

Combined with Smiths Medical’s industry-leading EDGE™ Safe Hypodermic Devices technology, the advanced safe Needle-Pro® EDGE™ Hypodermic needle provides maximum efficiency from the medication and minimizes injection injuries compared to other hypodermic safe needle devices. precedes conventional needles.

JehanZeb Noor, CEO of Smiths Medical; “Smiths Medical is rapidly advancing in the fight against COVID-19 and is contributing to patient care in both now and future COVID-19 vaccination. In the last 6 months, Smiths Medical has developed products used in the healthcare industry needed to treat COVID-19 patients, such as ventilator manufacturing, infusion pumps, peripheral catheters, and other respiratory products. The current global crisis has changed and consolidated our culture of patient care and the healthcare industry. The BARDA award is a very important award in our company’s history, and we will do our best to help save millions of lives in the United States and impact their lives for the better.” he stated.