May Global Medikal Ticaret A.Ş Board Members: We Interviewed Ali Akkaya, Sevgi Uluçay!

  • Before we move on to our questions, can you tell us about your company?

Within the May Global Medical product portfolio, it provides all operational processes, especially production, supply, logistics, of medical products needed by health institutions for domestic and international markets. It aims to provide services at an international level in the medical device sector by blending the knowledge and experience it has brought from the past with its team that closely follows the technology and constantly improves itself. is to constantly improve.

  • You carry out the sales and after-sales service activities of the products of the world’s leading companies in Turkey. Can you tell us about the companies you distribute and their products?

The healthcare industry is changing all over the world. As a company that works actively in this sector, we are extremely proud to be the closest part of this transformation and to be able to represent the leading companies in their fields in Turkey. As I mentioned before, we have main fields of activity, our employees are grouped within themselves according to these areas of expertise. The person responsible for Intensive Care equipment and the person responsible for operating room equipment systems are different from each other.

With this kind of structure, we are more concentrated and specialized, and we reach our physicians with the most accurate information. We are with the world’s pioneers and best, from our FDA-approved domestic product groups to German technology and American products. To talk about our brands; Our main product groups are Bbraun Aesculap, Coloplast, Smiths, Portex, Arrow, Masimo, Avanos, Inspired, Bioeksen, Biosys and KAF.

  • You are a customer-oriented company before and after sales. What kind of services do you provide in determining the real needs of your customers, in project and planning studies?

May Global Medikal is a company focused on both customers and people. Customer satisfaction is the most important element of our goal to exist in the medical sector for many years and to realize our permanent and stable growth targets. We work with companies that have the same vision as us and that have the world’s best brands and the best R&D in their own lanes. Being the first company that comes to mind in case of need is the main ingredient of our activities.

For this reason, it is never enough for us to act only with a sales plan. It is a process to fully understand what the customer’s need is, to offer appropriate options, and to evaluate them. Managing this process correctly can be managed with an understanding that focuses not only on the conditions of competition, but also on the customer’s wishes and what kind of service they expect. That’s why we start with ourselves first. MAY Global Medical; It is a large and strong team that is dynamic, has high synergy and communication, knows its products well, is renewed with continuous training, is experienced, always accessible, open to innovations. For this reason, all communication channels where our customers can reach us 24/7 are open. The customer should trust you. For this, you must be hardworking, sincere and honest. We aim primarily at human and human health. That’s our motto and that’s what we want our team to have.

  • How are you in terms of the countries you cooperate with in the field of export?

With the pandemic, especially in the last period, Europe and the USA have found supply from a single source to be risky and they have turned to quality, uninterrupted supply sources from other countries as an alternative to China. One of the strongest candidates here is Turkey. This is an opportunity for our industry.

In this field, we export many domestic medical product groups, especially medical textiles, to many countries in the world. We are trying to take an active role in supporting the production of domestic products and opening the products manufactured in Turkey to the international arena. Our cooperation negotiations and market infrastructure preparations, long-term very strong contracts from Europe and the USA continue. Currently, exports to 15 countries with continuous contracts