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MAYHEAL Disinfectant

MAYHEAL® aims to be the best in its field and to export abroad with its production partnership in the alcohol-free disinfectant group in order to be beneficial to people and contribute to the health sector and the economy of our country.


MAYHEAL® has a production capacity of 18,600,000 high-end 5-ply, 3-ply and N95 masks per month, 18,600,000 per month, untouched by human hands, in our factory, which operates in a closed area of 2,200 m2 in Kocaeli.

MAYHEAL® Elastic Bandage

MAYHEAL® Elastic Bandage is used as a support in cases that require light compression, as well as in cases of injuries that require soft/light support. Its elastic structure ensures that the skin is tightly wrapped. It is extremely comfortable due to its special soft texture that does not stick to the wound. Due to its porous structure, it allows the wound and skin to breathe.

MAYHEAL® Medical Flexible Nonwoven Patch

MAYHEAL® Medical Flexible Nonwoven Patch is used to fix medical materials on the skin. It is suitable for sensitive skin and for use in joint areas that require stretching. It is made of non-woven fabric with one-sided stretching. It has strong acrylic adhesive that can fix it for a long time. Its adhesive does not leave any waste after use. It has the ability to be cut properly due to the 1 cm squares on the back. It is air permeable and allows the skin to breathe. X-Ray is permeable, suitable for x-ray with plaster.

MAYHEAL® Sterilization Paper

MAYHEAL® Sterilization Paper, sterilization rolls designed as a packaging solution for sterilization applications, ensure the safe protection of the medical device from microorganisms from post-sterilization to use.