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02FLO Heater Breathing Circuit

In the circuit integrated with the temperature sensor, a wire connects both the heater wire and the temperature sensor. This feature not only makes it easy to use, but also ensures clean and smooth use of the circuit.

02FLO High Flow Therapy System

O2FLO High Flow Therapy System has a simple usage principle that supports the patient's breathing with high flow therapy thanks to heated and humidified air.

02FLO Nasal Cannula

Nasal cannulas with different nasal sizes for both Pediatric and Adult patients; It ensures that the air created in the 02FLO High Flow Therapy system can reach the patient accurately and effectively.

VHC60 Auto Feed Humidifier Chamber

With its patented design, the 02FLO sensor detects the low water level in the chamber. 02FLO provides exceptional security in the High Flow system.