EVE CCHD Newborn Screen App

MASIMO is the first application of Dual SET® Oximetry, with the Masimo SET® MOC-9® module and Eve™ CCHD Neonatal Screening Application, customized to be compatible with hospitals' CCHD scanning protocol, two simultaneous measurements of oxygen saturation (SpO2) in the preductal and postductal regions with the Eve application. can do.

Masimo SET® Pulse Oximetry

A conventional pulse oximeter can measure oxygen saturation not only with the pulse signal, but also with the pulseless signal, without the need for calibration. Since normal pulse oximeters measure only from the artery, the product is distinguished from its competitors with this feature.

Rad-67: Noninvasive Saturation and Hemoglobin Control Monitor

Rad-67 is capable of simultaneously measuring both oxygen saturation and non-invasive hemoglobin measurement in a single portable device. It is also used in emergency rooms, pre- and post-operative processes and examinations, with both multiple clinical and non-clinical setting options.